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Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Showers and Lots of Links

I feel like it hasn't been raining as much as it is supposed to this month. Quite frankly, I think that the whole famous quote about April has given up all hope and shifted over to May. We probably could use more rain right now with the pollen caking on everything and effecting the populations health. Oh well, such is life.

Today is a beautiful Thursday, therefore, I decided to post a little somethin' somethin'. I keep getting caught up with life and when I make a mental note about a good post it just gets lost in the hubbub of bills, work out schedules and other afternoon agendas.

This summer's fashion is versatile to say the least. I thought neon would hide in the Dubstep community amongst the youth of America but that doesn't seem to be the case. Designers like booming brand Michael Kors have justified that neon is chic & classy and rather intimate. POP in the Summer Catalog.

Sidenote:I just bought my first pair of MK logo Jelly's, yeaaa-Designer Sandals recommended to me by a good friend. She told me they are comfy AND you can hose them off. SOLD! To the girl that squishes around in her leather sandals all summer. Looks like I will have to retire the Rainbows...maybe ;)

OH! So one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide blogosphere is Apartment_34 and she deserves all the credit from my post. I want more people to notice what she does. Erin Hiemstra, @apartment_34, is the mastermind behind such a whimsical concept, her molto trendy blog. She blogs about "all things pretty" in fashion & decor and she does a fabulous job at it. I was scrolling through a post the other week when I was captivated by Freda Salvador feet dancing around!

Photo Credit: Emily Scott

Two talented friends went into business together (I guess it does work out sometimes) to create the concept of Freda Salvador. If you are from the San Francisco area, lucky to know that their first shop was conceived there and you have the pleasure of exploring their homey, shoe-haven. Looks like they specialize in "all things pretty" as well but add pure sophistication to their shoe. Each design looks like it is tailor-made to be a show stopper yet humble enough to wear everyday. I like me a good shoe as you know, I also like when shoes hold up with each extraneous use of day-to-day activity. Don't you agree? Yes, they have to make you look great and these look like the real deal. Not a sermon just a thought because I believe in this tight-nit duo. I hope these two gals sore and are an inspiration for young business owners trying to make a name for themselves!
Since I'm an east coast girl, you can find their shoes on SHOPBOP or their SITE!

"Where Style Lives Happily Ever After" -Apartment 34

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goddess of the Moon

There is a lot on my mind today and it is causing me to feel unlike myself which I don't really enjoy all too much. Who does? Random stressful aches and pains and muscle tension is not good! That is why I am trying out this Yogi Stress Relief Kava tea, drinking Passion Berry Kombucha and wearing my moonstone!
I would have easily turned this post into a zenful delight but we are going to focus in on the Moonstone. 

Moonstones are said to bring good fortune, passion and to tie lovers together. The Greeks believed it helped to make wiser future decisions. In India they believed it was magical and sacred. The Romans believed in Diana, the Roman Goddess of The Moon. The Moonstone helps to represent her sensitively and endless love. Today, Moonstones are getting harder and harder to find. Mine was found in Sri Lanka and set in a lovely sterling silver ring. It goes with everything and it brings me comfort and peace of mind. Mineral healing? Maybe! Take it as you wish and make it your own. 

Moonstones in fashion are rare but when found you know it's a must buy. I would call it a real hidden gem. This one below is similar to mine but not exactly the same setting. I found it on which I need to stop utilizing as a shopping convenience to take up free time in the office, oh bother. That aside,  learn more by clicking on the pink word Moonstone below. Hey but thanks for stopping by:) 

"In Gemology, Moonstone is the name given to the member of a feldspar group of gemstones. They are remarkable for their chatoyancy or adularescence (Glow or inner light) Fine moonstone is quite rare and is becoming rarer everyday. It is found in various locales including the United States but the finest and most abundant sources are in Burma, Sri Lanka and India.."
Read more about it here Moonstone


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Positive Vibes

It's a chilly Thursday and I'm definitely not feelin' it with my last post being about Spring and all...

I would like to vent and tell you about my ongoing shoe issue. It's a serious problem guys, I have been back to the same department store 3 times to exchange a of couple heels for some others. The cashier probably hates me since I coincidentally end up with her every time but she is accommodating and chipper. My issue is that I can't find any comfortable heels for the office! I don't walk around all that much since I need to be planted in what we call "The Fishbowl"  but when I had my new, cute, nude Franco Sarto wedges on yesterday it was almost like I had pain inflicting torture devices on each foot. Mr. Sarto knows how to make a mean looking shoe which I'll give many respectful props for. I just can't seem to find a new shoe these days that will last me 8 hours worth of walking up and down our halls. Flats are bad and maybe ever worse too. Help!

I'm sorry Mr. Sarto but I'm sure you will forgive me since many women purchase your shoes and you are doing just fine. Check out Sarto's interview when you scroll down on the Portland Monthly and some other good shoe lovin'.

I have gnome feet which is the problem with unfortunately no solution. I just haven't been able to find that one designer that I can be loyal to. I want something cute and comfy. Not too much to ask right?
This post is supposed to be positive and what I am about to preach to you  is exactly that. Drum roll please..

I'm surprised you haven't heard of this booming bangle company? They actually got a commercial during the super bowl this year and just opened a brand new store in Georgetown! Alex and Ani, LLC makes Eco-friendly jewelry all made right here in the  motherland with love. The creator and designer, Carolyn Rafaelian (below), named the company after her 2 daughters. Her mission is to infuse each bracelet and piece with positive energy, authenticity and unique beauty. I find her quite inspirational and it makes me proud to wear all 3 of my bangles. I want more so I can wear them all up my arm like a dork. I'm sure Carolyn wouldn't mind.

Check out the site!!!

That's all for now,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sheer for Spring

Woo! I know I'm internally cheering for the first day of spring at the office today while enjoying my red machine smoothie beverage. The dog days are over folks (even though it can still snow in April) and the sun is shining as I speak. During the winter months I can never refrain from buying something that reminds me of the warmer days to come. A couple weeks ago, I rapidly made my way through Forever 21 deciding not to try a thing on. There I discovered this pretty piece below. Now, I have become the queen of returns I must say but this one is not going back and will accompany me to many wineries this spring!

I have always been a sucker for sheer. I would say that half my tops in my closet are remotely see-through because of this material that I'm magnetically drawn to. It's just plain fun and when you wear it in a tasteful way your mother won't call you a "sex pot" as you slide out the door.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stud Muffin

Studs! Who would have thought that these little metal gems would be so feminine? They exploded all over blouse shoulders, bags, shoes and bracelets.

Check out one of my favorite fashion blogs HAPPILY GREY
Mary (in the pictures) will provide you with excellent collaborations of layers, accessories and some great pieces with studs! I think her fashion sense is addicting and soon you will be checking the site frequently for new ideas (like me).

I must share...
I just bought this little ditty below and I am loving it. It goes with everything and still gives your outfit that extra flare for the night. I will be converting my stuff before happy hour this evening:)

Also SPEAKING of muffins....
It is getting fairly close to the lunch hour and I'm getting quite hungry. Too bad I can't have a little baking session with the folks of the office. I'm sure they would greatly appreciate me ignoring the phones to bake them a treat! I found this recipe on Pinterest and I will most likely be trying it this weekend. Dark Chocolate and Bananas mmmmmm..


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Viva La Vintage!!

Dorothea's Closet gets its inspiration from the owner's grandmother. If that wasn't already adorable enough, check out their site!


xo TIW